I am truly sorry

To the guy who was secretly hurt by a joking comment I made, I am sorry.

To the girl who’s name I forgot, I am sorry.

To the passerby I watched with judging eyes, I am sorry.

To the gamer who’s day was ruined by my trash talk, I am sorry.

To the street cleaner who picked up after me, I am sorry.

To the man my actions hurt, without my knowledge, I am truly sorry.

To the woman my actions hurt, without my knowledge, I am truly sorry.

These are the apologies we will never have a chance to say in person. The mistakes we simply brush aside because of no desire to please a random stranger. These are also the apologies we will never hear. So let me on behalf of all the assholes and douchebags you’ve encountered say I am sorry. Not because I am responsible for what happened to you but because I’ve been that guy before, and seeing as you don’t know him, I might as well be the one who wronged you.

Now allow yourself to be free of the commulative stress of shitty encounters, let’s start over. Now also allow yourself to be free of the commulative guilt of doing wrong to others.  apologize in your heart even if you will most likely never see those people again. Release yourself from these burdens. Clean the slate.


What have you done to deserve this relief? You have not made amends for your actions. You cannot fix your mistakes. So then, a commitment will be our deal. I will take from you this burden of hatred, I will apologize in the place of all who have shared my actions and in return you will commit to change.

For the remainder of your existence you will keep the slate clean. You will apologize for and work to fix any problems you cause, even when the conflict is over or when dealing with people you couldn’t care less about. You will forgive those petty grievances born simply of stupidity, insensitivity, and sometimes even simple chance. And you will reflect on all your actions considering the point of view of every party concerned. This is not to be taken lightly. This will be difficult. This will change your life.

The world will never know peace if people only treat their circle with humanity.

The world will not change in our comfort zone.

Do we have a deal?


Classic Comedy

It’s funny, people complain about all the bad news and shit. Some of them have given up hope for the future of the world. Everyday you see rape, murder, terrorism on your newspaper, TV, mobile phone. Then at the same time I have young friends just in their 20s already dedicating their lives to changing the world for the better and no one pays them any attention.


There’s hope of we’re willing to hope, change if we’re willing to change, and a revolution on the horizon,  pick your side quickly.

Woman Power

It’s difficult for me to talk about women because I am a man, therefore, several things I speak of may simply be born of my ignorance of what it means to be a woman. Because I will never fully understand this, I will simply speak of how I see women in relation to the world today.  First and foremost, I am sorry for the tremendous suffering caused to women throughout history and although no apology will ever make up for the countless lives burdened and ended by discrimination allow me to offer my deepest sympathies.  I understand why women are up in arms and so angry, and there are a lot of valid reasons for that, however (in my opinion) a reversal of the current gender roles is not the answer

The way I see it women at this moment have the most power they have ever had in history. You may not see it that way, but try to see it from my point of view for a bit. Men go out into the working force and grind,  possibly getting promoted earning new perks and business partners,  however, the best job they can do is still within the confines of their job. Is being the best businessman really making any change? It’s your call within business matters but when it comes down to instrumental decisions that concern the nature of business itself, well that my friend is beyond your pay grade. Not to say that men cannot create change in their jobs, but they can also with much more ease just live through them without any impact and be deemed good employees. Of course, a man can volunteer his free time to do good but the same can be said for a woman.

The world today is far different from what it has ever been, constantly forming to fit the needs of industry.  Today the social structure puts so much pressure on every single individual and has so many laws and restrictions that there really isn’t much place for us to go about creating change.  Furthermore, people are afraid and paranoid, making it harder for the masses to band together against social injustice. The government uses bribes and loopholes to rule with an iron fist under the thumb of their corporate sponsors.  Really there is not much a rebel with a cause can do in the world of trillion dollar financing and nuclear weaponry. But the government no matter how strong and twisted will never be able to stand without the support of the people.  The 1% though holding most of the world’s finances will find that all the money in existence is worthless if we, the people, do not value it as such. The people control the government, it’s not crazy, it’s true. Why then does it seem the one percenters walk all over the people? Simply because the people don’t understand how they control the government. What is the most instrumental effect we as citizens can have on the government? Why voting of course!  Right?  Wrong.

Do you really think your vote matters?  Do you honestly think the seating of different people in the same chairs will make a difference? The government presents you with candidates but voting for any of them is voting for the government. They let you select you leaders based on expensive campaigns, biased media, and leaked scandals. You are free to run for office but higher powers will push agendas on you as soon as you are elected (if you weren’t already planted for a specific agenda). They divide us into groups that identify with certain characters and while we’re busy fighting over who’s the king of the slaves we forget about the fight for freedom. Years of power and influence held in certain families that govern the world have set up walls to keep out revolution and it is simply too great a task for one to conquer, it appears even the strongest of us do not have the strength to bring down the establishment, for it is built on the blood and bones of generations of the 99%, pretty much most of all humanity. If we cannot rid ourselves of such a thing then we must find a way to change it, control it, make it serve the people,   and I believe the women of today hold in their hands the key to that future.

I don’t wish to enforce the depiction of a woman as the caretaker of the house, I believe women are just as capable as men and can choose any lifestyle they please, but as history played itself out it has left us in a place where more often than not women are in charge of the home while men go off to explore the financial landscape. I’m not saying that any woman is forced to be a housewife, what I am saying is this is where we are currently at. However, you should not look down on the keeper of the house, in this era, they may just be the most important part of the family. I believe that right now the people who are in charge of the household all the cards. We don’t often contemplate the gravity of our actions especially when they are part of our routine lives, but how we shop is probably one of the key deciding factors to the future of the entire planet and reflects our personal impact on our world.

We live in a monetary system, where profit and GDP are valued above the environment and ethics, there are no substantial ramifications accounted for when destroying natural resources or causing negative effects to the community.   Destruction of nature and pollution are allowed to continue with only penalties to account for as if money would clean the ocean or stop the ice caps from melting and hardly if not none of that money actually goes to making reparations. As people living under such a system it is our moral duty to place perceived value in the things that are of actual value, and reject these brainwashed morals and overhyped products the system implements.

Our power today is our power as consumers, the suits don’t understand the things we value but we don’t need them to.  They are robots that value money. They are tools.  So let us use them as such. By actively engaging in research such as to what and where your products come from, which companies are pushing them, what their carbon footprint is, etc.  we can control the type of products the government supports the production of. Every product you buy puts a little power into the hands of an organization, and we need to start thinking of purchases this way. Think of it as an investment, if you buy from wholesome, ethical, and eco-friendly companies you’re not only getting your money’s worth of product,  you’re also investing your money in the planet and our children’s future. Forget about charity, invest in the organizations you believe in by buying their products, show the market that the people value these things and the market itself will shift and adapt. The market cannot afford to ignore it’s buyers,  they will try to sell us falsely advertised shit and deceive us with misinformation,  but if we begin to thoroughly examine every product we purchase and think of them in value beyond the monetary I believe that eventually, the quality of everything in the market will improve. I also believe that big companies will either be forced to offer the people what they want or die out.

It’s not the government keeping us this way, it’s our mindless consumption. The government no matter how corrupt and rotten cannot decide the path we thread, so it lies to us, twists our arm, uses our ignorance to put us in line. But once we put our morals first, it is them who must fall in line if they wish to survive. I now say to you wives out shopping, mothers picking food for their babies, maids choosing cleaning materials, choose wisely, because in this world the things you buy could just be the most important decisions you can make.


This is a tough one 

I was born and raised Roman Catholic and I am very proud that I was because that’s where I learned about a man who changed my life. That man was Jesus Christ.

I know what you’re thinking but hear me out for a bit because I doubt this is going where you think it is.

See I’ve known and studied Jesus for years as is required of a Roman Catholic student and I’ve heard countless stories and a hundred times as many interpretations. I’ve traveled the world to numerous churches to see him crucified and bloodied in all colors shapes and artistic styles. I’ll just come out and say it, I hated being Roman Catholic. I hated going to church, I hated praying to statues, I hated memorizing prayers, and I pretty much hated most of the confusing and seemingly senseless rituals. Needless to say I was not happy being Roman Catholic but despite this there was one thing that I did not hate. No. There was one thing that I actually loved, and that was Jesus and his teachings.

Sadly my love for Jesus and his teachings is what made me stay in the church, I would think to myself “With such wisdom as a basis of their teachings this must be a good organization.” But as I grew older I started seeing Jesus and the church in different ways. I find that it is important to observe that during his short life Jesus’ biggest frustrations were directed at the Pharisees and church leaders. Jesus himself would break laws considered sacred at the time in light of the greater good. Jesus wanted us to know that the Kingdom of God is open to all. He valued the meek, the poor, and the weak, at a time when no one would.

I will admit the church of that time was different from the church of today, but how different was it really? Do we really believe that Jesus’ teachings got through to the disciples or were they just a band of men following the rockstar they didn’t really understand? In the Bible there are several instances where Jesus’ words or actions are met with confusion or even anger from the disciples. We know that Mary Magdalene along with some other women accompanied Mother Mary when Jesus carried the cross, why were none of the disciples there? Surely if the issue was danger the women would have been in even more peril. Could this be why Jesus first revealed himself to Mary Magdalene? Had his death shown him that the disciples were not worthy? Judas, though his name has been dragged through the mud throughout history was by some accounts one of Jesus’ closest and most trusted disciples and yet traded him for silver coin, Peter somewhat the leader of the disciples, denied Jesus three times on the day of his execution, what trust can we then place on the character of the other disciples some of which are hardly even mentioned. Seeing as they were a brotherhood of men I think we should consider that we may find a very different account had there been something written by an unbiased third party or by Jesus himself.

The Gospel of Judas for example written by a third party shows Jesus often laughing at the disciple’s shallow rituals and immaturity.

“He found them sitting, gathered together, practicing godliness. When he [approached] his disciples gathered and seated, offering thanks over the bread, [he] laughed. The disciples said to him, “Teacher, why are you laughing at [our] eucharist? We have done what is right.”  He answered, saying to them, “I am not laughing at you. You do not do this by your own will, but by this, your god [will] be worshiped.”

“your god” not Jesus’ God. Could it be that by taking part in ceremonies we don’t fully understand we are paying homage to a different God? It doesn’t seem too farfetched to me, I don’t ever recall being part of a sacrament in which I understood what was actually going on, I just seemed to accept it as a reality as I grew up. The gospel portrays the disciples as angry belligerent, blasphemous men who you could say were really no better than any other men of that age. This really doesn’t surprise me, if Jesus really needed to suffer and die to save us from our sins then the world was in a place where words and teachings would not be enough, hell, miracles of healing weren’t even enough. Upon Jesus’ death he tore the temple veil split the earth and unearthed the tombs, he literally destroyed the church, and they simply rebuilt it with him as the new mascot. If Jesus had to die for the world to be released from sin then the change would have started after his death, with Mary Magdalene not the disciples, they were simply a tool for his life on earth to have gone the way it did. You may say today we have a totally different church but consider history after that, consider the crusades, the witch hunts, the colonization through evangelization,  bloody conquests, sexual assault by priests, Vatican cover-ups. Is that crucifix upon that altar really there to remind you of the sacrifice he made for you, or as an example as the Romans used to do, of what became of the man who went against the church.

Religion to me is a specific type of thinking that can introduce people to spirituality, but religion is not spirituality. I believe in a higher being that is beyond our senses, well our five basic senses that is. I find that when you hone and eventually master your five senses you start to experience senses beyond the five. You begin to discover things such as intuition and vibrations and even learn to trust these feelings. As we hone our senses we begin to become more and more aware of a higher being present. Our spirituality is our relationship with that being and everyone knows what relationships are like, no two are ever the same. A large number of religions have teachings based on the experience of point people with a higher being, some religions clam there is only one higher being while others claim there are several, I think either can be true and we cannot be certain, several higher beings would be easy to explain, a society of them beyond our senses, however, it would be a lot harder to explain the existence of only one higher being. Some religions suggest a hierarchy of higher beings with one superior being at the top. But several would argue that the existence of multiple religions each with different gods makes it highly unlikely for the existence of only one superior being, I believe however that each encounter a person has had with their god was something transcending their senses, beyond human explanation yet made into human form in the way the their mind would imagine, because really how else could we see something beyond our senses. Now supposing there is really only one superior being, each and every one of our experiences with that being would be different based on how our mind chose to represent it and thus would just be an influence of our culture, belief, and language. Often times teachings bestowed upon a person by a higher being or god were understood to be messages for all humanity or maybe a law or command to be set, but really these are moments where in wisdom was bestowed upon these specific people relevant to their own situation, a lot would argue that the events and teachings of their religion transcend all time and situations but I believe that though virtues and morals transcend time following actions and rituals outside of their original context is not only wasteful but dangerous and religion to many people can become stagnant at that shallow superficial level. Many would not see the danger in teaching morals and virtues but I would argue otherwise, I believe that these traits that make up your character are not studied but learned through experience. Many religions use stories as examples and you hear the point every homily or study session or whatever it is your religion does and these stories remind me of those filtered images with inspirational text on them that stream through your Facebook or Tumblr feed, you read them, you nod your head or smile, then you move on. Sadly the biggest difference I see between religious teachings and inspirational pics is most people would probably pay more attention to the latter. It really isn’t the people’s fault though, somewhere along the line someone started the idea that studying something was the road to achieving it but that’s a deadly misconception, there are geniuses who have studied everything there is about the world yet find themselves unable to function in it, or students who get straight As then break down in tears when they realize you can only survive on grades for so long. People think studying and imitating the movements of a just or a generous person will make them those things as well but character is so much deeper than that, these actions aren’t instructions to become virtuous, these are simply the acts of a virtuous man, and though imitating them could do some good in the community, I wouldn’t go as far as to say that these imitators are virtuous themselves.  Prophets after deep spiritual searching were able to commune with their higher begins and were blessed with knowledge, however, I do not think we must dwell on what a being bestowed upon our ancestor in the past, but focus on what it is trying telling us right now. I’m sick of religion or at least the religions I’ve encountered because they tell you “hey bro, do this and you’re good” people think if they close their eyes and pray each day or stand mindless in a church or temple they’re good or “will be saved” but all these rituals we do, all these sacraments and traditions, they all have much deeper meaning, I highly doubt any of us after all these years remembers why we even do them, and in that case what’s the point of mindlessly doing something we don’t even understand. I suggest we build on ourselves and nourish our spirituality without having to conform to any certain religion till we find our own connection to the higher being and then they can import the most appropriate wisdom for us.

All that being said, do not discredit the teachings of religions because though possibly misunderstood or decontextualized they truly are built around a multitude of wisdom. However, when the time comes that your upbringing forces you to choose between your “beliefs” and what deep down inside you feel is right, always go with your gut, because I believe that subconsciously we see through all the deception and the lies. Deep down, we know what’s what.

I know it’s hurts,  I know it’s hard

I know you’ve been hurt before. I know you’ve been given judging glances and called hurtful names for simply being different. I know you crumbled under the pressure and it took you hours, days, weeks, months, years to recover. I know you rebuilt your heart with a fortress around it to protect yourself from ever being so vulnerable again. But what is it these walls do for you? Yes you’ve gone through shit and met horrible people but to close yourself off to certain things because of bad experiences just means those people have effectively ruined your life. To feel is to risk getting hurt for that glimmer of a chance at finding people who love you for who you are. Just because you haven’t found those people yet, doesn’t mean they don’t exist. I know you’ve been hurt before. I also know you survived.  You’re a survivor and deep down in the centre of your fortress lives something beautiful, something real.


What is it about solitude that causes my thoughts to go wild? When I’m alone they’re louder, harsher, sometimes paralyzing even. Without someone else present to keep me in check my mind falls into an eternal abyss, a relentless barrage of questions that no one is fully equipped to answer. I find myself examining a whale with a microscope, the capacity of my instrument far too small to reveal to me the bigger picture. 

Yet it seems I crave the solitude. Exploring the dark reaches of my own psyche provides me a break from the senseless and meaningless cycles implemented by our society.  It allows me to question the outdated traditions and damaging norms,  to think for myself and break free from the shackles we’re all born into. 

However, I personally believe that it isn’t the solitude that allows this to happen but the freedom. Thought it seems alot of the world has freedom today, there are certain new forms of slavery that are less direct and maybe even more dangerous. Forms like Institutions such as banks, creating debt and inequality among the people, effectively forcing them to a life of labor. This is the evolution of slavery, the next level, where the slaves don’t even see the taskmaster hidden in the shadows, and blame their misery on the twisted version of life they’re living. 

As scary as it is to be caged inside a monetary system, breaking out or even manipulating the system to work for you is not impossible, however there is a stronger lock set in that’s far harder to pick, that lock is mental slavery. By this I don’t mean anything like mind control but more of mental conditioning. From day one we are conditioned to think in a certain way and our lives are governed by an insane number of rules either implemented by the government or just accepted by the masses as the proper way of doing things. 

Schools pit students against each other, placing static value on children, testing and grading them before they’re even given a chance to develop. Children that are different are bullied by others or sent to counseling, and either grit their teeth through a tormented childhood or simply give up their uniqueness to be accepted. Individuality melts away as the only way left to be the best is to make yourself the best in whatever trade society deems worthy. 

Unique talents and personas are given far less value even despite superior skill while common skills are blown out of proportion. 

With life in school presented as a competition, how surprising is it then that upon graduating the students continue to compete for fame and glory as if this was the logical culmination of their life’s events, not realizing they their entire experience is manufactured. 

They’ve become zombies, the lot of them,  seeking brains but refusing to use them. 

Mindless bodies unknowingly contributing to the will of the horde. People begin to fear being different, suppressing things about themselves,  and hiding their quirks from others in fear of being judged. Their talents are not only unused but provide them with a great deal of insecurity,  they begin to wonder if they are strange or different, things that society has deemed negative. Communication is then disected, separating “taboo”  topics from regular topics,  removing several important and valuable parts. Suddenly people speak just to ease tension,  small talk,  senseless babble spoken hundreds of times over and of no significant value. Relationships become hollow and shallow, built more on convenience than actual connection. 

There exists a point were we can begin to feel lonely even when surrounded by hundreds of friends, where physically you are not in solitude yet you don’t feel that anyone understand you. I’m sorry to say that this, more often than not, is your own fault (or at least it is now that you’re aware of it haha)  You cannot expect people to relate to you when you are not real and open with who you are. Our defence mechanisms keep us from putting ourselves out there in fear of  experiencing that rejection we promised ourselves we wouldn’t go through again. We could all be in the same room thinking the same thing but no one would know how similar we are until one of us puts voice to those thoughts. Simply filtering  what we say can limit social interactions, and texting and chatting allows you hours of revision and contemplation, removing the spontaneity from the conversation making it possible for people to change other’s view of them. Instead of getting to know people by experience we now present ourselves to others in the manner in which we wish to be perceived and no one seems to have a problem with that. Interaction become crazy and shallow,  plastic and exhausting. Solitude becomes comfortable, sometimes desirable

But you see, I don’t want to be alone. I don’t enjoy the solitude. I don’t want to disconnect. I simply want to be myself, something so difficult in a world of whispers and judgments. I dream of a future where no one is pressured to fit the standard,  where everyone is accepted and appreciated for who they are. A world where people are genuine,  real, and unashamed of their humanity. A world where I can freely explore the depths of my mind and maybe even take a few people along for the ride. 

The Beginning

Let us not beat around the bush, let’s just dive straight into it and see where it goes, most would begin with an outline or an idea of the image they wish to shape but I do no, I will jump right in and see what images form as I go along.

Lets begin with the only thing we can begin with: what we know. What do we know? Most people you drop this question on would start listing random things or give a “logical” or “satisfying” answer such as “There are too many things to list.” Then you take the next step: But what do we really know? The answers you’d get would probably be just similar to those of the first; some would go into more detail to seem impressive, some would just add to their list and a few would probably start to be weirded out by you. And what if you push further: What are you absolutely sure of? What answers would you have for such a question? What is it we’re absolutely sure of? This is when things get interesting.

Our concept of reality is a jumble of senses strung together by human logic. Human beings have a high regard for logic but do we really know what we’re talking about? Though you can come up with a system of thinking that applies logic such as the scientific method the reality is that the average person despite being taught this method for years in school will not apply it to everyday problems. To the average person logic is simply the best reasoning they can currently muster. I do not believe that there is a universal or even a broadly accepted notion of logic among the masses.

As we progress in scientific discoveries we learn more and more about the universe and it’s laws, I argue then that if you, like me, believe that everything that our race has discovered is but a minuscule spec in the vast realm of knowledge, then maybe the logic of even the most intelligent of us is flawed. I believe there is an extreme danger in being 100% certain about anything be it religion, science, numbers, or beliefs simply because for you to be 100% sure you’d have to have 100% of the knowledge, otherwise the gaps in your computations are filled in by your flawed logic. As long as we don’t have all the information our conclusions are open to our subconscious biases, because that in my opinion is what an average person’s logic is, it’s what’s left of your bias when you are presented with and accept more (but not necessarily sufficient) information.

Our lives are often set to an outline that we don’t see in other eras of human civilization. A mixture of responsibilities and ways of thinking, with a few meaningless choices mixed into the soup to give it that freedom flavor. As beings heavily influenced by our surroundings we can maybe argue that our logic makes sense within the artificial environment we’ve created but how well will our logic stand in the natural state of the world. Most people in the city don’t even know what it’s like to live in nature. Logic becomes something localized with several different artificial worlds as its basis instead of nature which is the source of the purest truths.

On top of the artificial setting are so many expectations thrown onto the youth, starting with simple things like do the dishes, and brush your teeth, moving up to do your homework, get high grades, graduate, get a job and a beautiful spouse, but these things that everyone is made to aim for aren’t really necessities in life, billions have lived full, happy lives without having to go through this checklist. Sadly though from birth the path to a successful life was seared into our brains not merely as a way to survive but as the goal of life. We were made to believe that getting these things will magically fill that void somewhere deep within our inner being that reminds us of its existence from time to time. But what really happens when you check the final item off your list? Nothing, the emptiness will still linger within you, and even worse without any more goals to reach for, you will feel even more lost than you were as a child. It takes years for people to go through this cycle and finally realize that the things the world told them would make them happy wouldn’t fill the void, because really what material thing could? The world or rather people tell us what life is and how to live it but isn’t it that no one really knows? In fact, parents give their children advice as if they know everything but wouldn’t the real caring and loving thing to do despite pride is to admit to their children that they themselves do not know the meaning of life and that it is each of our duties to find our own meaning? We’re raised by our parents to become their ideal, to live by their rules and logic, well I for one am not interested in the teachings of such a corrupt and disgusting society. If you are unhappy with the way the world works what change will come from the teachings of its former inhabitants. If we are to be an evolving race, we must embrace new ideas and break the notion of seniority and certainty.

Now as I have said our reality is a combination of senses strung together by logic, now let us focus on the senses, what are senses? They are ways of feeling that allow us to experience the world around us, even with a body, without our senses we would be completely unaware of our surroundings. So how reliable are senses really? We all know what it’s like to see, to feel, to touch, to taste, to hear, but this is simply because from the moment of our consciousness we have been fed these senses, how can we even be sure that these are our senses, what if they are just experiences being fed to our brain as in the plot of the very popular Matrix trilogy. Some may say this is a paranoid or insane way of thinking but for me the notion that there are thoughts reserved only for the insane hinders our intellectual creativity. There should be no thoughts considered taboo because how then are we supposed to understand why something is wrong if we are not to contemplate or dabble in its nature.  The fact is the mentally ill are mentally ill because of conditions (often physical) that they have, not because of thoughts that they’ve allowed themselves to think about.

Some may argue that if that’s the reality then there’s no point in thinking about it because the only way for us to escape this illusion would be the interference of a third party, I also believe this so let us pass from that idea into a reality where our senses really are our senses. If we no longer have to question the source of our senses let’s now question their validity. Hallucinations are a natural phenomenon that can occur during moments such as those of incredible fear, pain, hunger, or with introduction of foreign substances to the body. During these hallucinations a person’s senses, most often their eyes, would feed unreliable information to their brain making them believe something is present when it really does not exist. Many hallucinogenic drugs place chemicals in our systems that the brain can actually produce on its own thus hallucinations are not just something that happens to drug addicts or psychopaths. We see from this that our reality is augmented by our senses and we cannot really be sure of what the actual reality is. Do each of us really have our own specific flavor preference or do we just taste different flavors in different foods? Are we really attracted to people with a certain kind of face or do we see that face in certain kinds of people? How far is what we sense from the actual reality?

Our reality is just multiple senses assembled together into something “logical” but senses are unreliable and logic without all the knowledge can be blind what then do we actually know? What is it apart from what we sense that we are actually sure of? To me there is only one absolute certainty and it’s that I exist. To you it should be that you exist. Now supposing  there are more sentient beings out there and other people aren’t just a hallucination of my senses or fake senses being fed to my brain. Then we exist. So what now If we exist? If we exist then we must have a purpose. In a functioning world each existence should have a purpose even if the purpose is as small as simply to be seen or sensed. I exist so what is my purpose? Sadly, I don’t know but that’s nothing to be ashamed of because as far as I know, no one knows. So I say to those people who think they have their lives set out for themselves, to be sure of exactly what you want in life is to stop life from amazing you with its beauty, because the beauty of life is in its mysterious unpredictability. Also, we may not see our purpose in the big scheme of things but your inability pinpoint it does not make your purpose any less important.

The monetary system does not care for your purpose, only for that emptiness you feel inside, they need that emptiness because its that force salesman and advertisers use to sell products you don’t need. The system promotes imbalance, then presents fake solutions to the imbalance in exchange for funds and resources. Children these days require so much more than basic human needs, education is suddenly a human need along with food water and shelter. Teenagers can’t spend a few days without the internet and many adults are hooked on alcohol cigarettes or even more dangerous substances. Humans create material substitutes to fill their needs in superficial methods that only serve as temporary relief and lead to bigger problems such as health problems and addiction. Suddenly your substitute for a need is a whole new need on its own. Is this the nature of the human race? To create problems for ourselves. To squander the abundance we are blessed with. Is life today how life should be?

No. I cannot accept that all this waste and destruction is part of the natural progression, somewhere along the line we took a wrong turn and are only now starting to look back. But I don’t see monsters in the men and women around me, it’s prisoners I see. Prisoners of society, of misinformation, of tradition, of fear and, of their own destructive ways of thinking, who live in cells so distracting they’ve forgotten that they are captives.

Yet around each one’s neck the key to their own shackles.